Feb 1, 2010 8:45 AM by Jeannette Hynes

Living with the homeless to help them

Josh Osborne has decided the way to help the homeless is to become homeless.

"You really don't know what a person needs by looking at them out there," says Osborne. "Go down there. Get to know them and do something about it."

Osborne has been living in a tent by Monument Creek for the past week. He's been talking with the people who live in tent city to try to get to know them better and know their problems on a one-on-one basis.

"You hear their story and you know where to go from there," says Osborne.

His ministry, "More Than a Meal", has prompted volunteers from all over the state to help him distribute toiletries, hugs, and bibles. Saturday morning, more than 100 volunteers showed up at America the Beautiful Park to serve breakfast to the people living in tents along the creeks.

Osborne says his one-week camping experience, so far, has taught him just how cold and lonely the nights can be and how many people are not living, but simply surviving.

"There's a ton of depression. There's a ton of self-hatred," says Osborne.

Osborne says he wants Colorado Springs City Council to hold off on voting on a "no camping" ordinance until he can coordinate the growing number of volunteers who want to make a big impact on the homeless problem.

"Ten percent of them might have a difficult time getting out of here, but the other 90 percent just want jobs," says Osborne.


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