Little Athlete of the Week

Little skateboarder is getting big air

Little skateboarder Reid Watson could be a future X-Games star. He skates at the skate park at Memorial Park nearly every day and catches some big air on the bowls.

He's only ten years old, but has already been skateboarding six years and Reid has big dreams. He's working on 540s and someday wants to do a 900. That's two-and-a-half times around in the air. If he keeps up his practice schedule, that just may happen.

"I'll skate here for about three hours, then go home, eat dinner, and then go out in my backyard," said Reid. "Because I have a mini ramp my dad build for me. I'll do that for about half an hour, and then I go out front and skate with all my friends for another two hours."

Reid recently returned from the State Games of America in Carlsbad, California, where he took first and third place finishes. He also dirt bikes and rides ATVs.



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