Jul 27, 2010 8:24 PM by Bill Folsom

Lightning kills 12-year-old's horses

A 12 year old's loss is a sad example of the danger from summer storms in southern Colorado. Kali Flanscha's two favorite riding horses were killed during a violent thunderstorm in Fowler.

"All we can surmise is that lightning hit the tree which killed the paint horse instantly," according to Garbriel Flanscha, Kali's dad, "The tree fell...through the fence and pinned the [other] horse underneath." A decision was made to let Kali stay at the scene because she was most likely the one who could calm the horse if freed. With the help of a tractor the tree was lifted, but the moment of hope quickly ended. Kali says, "Whenever they got him out he walked over to the corner and he started limping really bad and he just fell over and I knew we'd have to put him down."

"That was going to be her horse that she was going to train with to build up to a competition level with," says her Dad. Lightning taking a kids competition horse also a buddy. "I like him because he was fast and he was just really nice."









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