Dec 4, 2009 6:00 AM by Matt Stafford

Law firms and P.R. firms beware

The F.B.I. is warning, Internet crimes are on the rise. They are seeing more spear phishing directed at law firms and P.R. firms.

"Through the Internet, using emails or I.M., scammers try or attempt to get personal information. They're always trying to get that information and use it to make money," says Katie Carrol with the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado.

The scammers are focused on this attack on law firms and P.R. firms, but after studying your Internet habits, the attacks come looking like things you would look at on the net.

"They're trying to make them seem credible so the consumer, the receiver, will click on the link and open up his computer to the phisherman," says Bob Stovall, President and C.E.O. of Gain-Stovall, a local public relations firms.

Stovall says, "(I) Actually checked on our email today and we had some spearphishing aimed at public relations and marketing firms."

Despite today's attempted attack, Stovall remains at ease knowing his computer security is good, but he also uses another method of protection.

"The secret is to try to get you to open that mail and click on a link and go give some information," says Stovall. "If an email looks suspicious or asks you to click on a link, you simply don't do it."

As Stovall moves ahead, blocking one scam, he knows he'll need to be ready because another one is surely already in the works.

These spear phishing files have popped up in several different forms... like '.exe', '.zip' and '.jpeg' files.

The biggest caution the F.B.I. gives is to avoid any traffic associated with ueopen.com.


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