Jan 31, 2011 8:54 PM by Matt Stafford

Last night for Margot Lane's lights

Margot Lane's two enormous evergreens, covered in thousands of lights, near I-25 and Uintah St, have ushered in the Christmas season for years for Colorado Springs. They're hard to miss. The beacons can be seen for miles.

Monday is the last night they'll be on this year, and maybe the last time ever. Lane is planning on selling her home. She says she'll give the lights to the buyer, but there's no guarantee they'll put them up.

The trees have been enjoyed by many; two 80-plus-foot fir trees covered in at least 32,000 lights a piece --- right next to the interstate -- are hard to miss in the Colorado Springs night sky.

"The first year a fire truck even came by," recalls Lane. "They didn't know what was going on; they've never seen so many lights."

Lane and her late husband, John, started putting the lights up as a tribute to their son, Bruce, who died of cancer in 1997. The lights have always been special to Lane, but she knows they're special to others too.

"I get postcards, calls from all over saying we were driving by and we saw your trees and it seems to make people happy," says Lane.

However, they may not have given as much joy to anyone as Bob Marchiani and his son, Marco, who put them up. Bob owns Rocky Mountain Tree Specialists and has been doing lights for 25 years; and no job means as much to him as the one on Culebra Ave.

"I call these my babies, and they are," Bob says.

It takes a full week to put all the lights up, and the Marchianis come back every week to make sure everything is looking perfect. They -- like thousands of others -- drive by them all the time and want to feel proud every time.

Next week when they take them down it may be the last time, and that's hard for the Marchianis to think about.

"We're going to miss them very much," says Bob. "I'm having a hard time handling that, that's for sure."

"They're very, very special." Lane says, adding that she'll miss them a lot too. She says they've add a bit extra to her utility bill, but the joy they bring has been worth every penny.



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