Feb 5, 2014 6:16 PM by Matt Prichard

Kids and parents out for the day

Time to play in the frozen fun as school was out and kids were taking full advantage.

"I'd rather be here then school you know? It's always fun to go out and sled and be out and about with friends. It's great," said local student, Christn Zasas.

"I'm wearing like ten layers of clothes, along with a hat, and ultimately I just need friends to make me laugh and play around with," said local student, Tamta Chitishvili. 

Kids from around the city flocked to sledding hills hoping to fly in the frigid temps, but parents were quick to say that the time would be limited.

"We're not going to last too much longer out here, we'll probably get back in the car pretty soon and warm back up," said Colorado Springs parent, Steve Murphy.

And despite the inconvenience parents say it's worth it to have a little quality time with the kids.

"Definitely, just make the best out of their day off and just have fun with them," said Murphy.

Kids were certainly excited about the snow day but parents added that although the time off is great, they'll look forward to when things get back to normal.


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