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Kate Gosselin: Jon took $230K from account

Fighting back tears, Kate Gosselin said she is broke and can't pay her bills after her estranged husband cleaned out their joint bank account. But, she said, Jon Gosselin did not touch their eight children's money, which Kate said remains safe in protected funds she established.

"He took $230,000 of the $231,000 we had," Kate told TODAY's Meredith Vieira in New York Monday. "I have a stack of bills. The last thing I wanted was to do this show and end up not being able to pay our bills."

Jon Gosselin virtually cleaned out the account that Kate said contains all their liquid assets last week after TLC announced that it would continue filming the Gosselin family, but was changing the name of their show from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" to "Kate Plus Eight."
Kate told Vieira that under the Gosselins' agreement with TLC, the network will stop filming if either she or Jon make such a request.

"It has ended our income and our paychecks and our opportunities," Kate told Vieira. "I wish Jon would think more about it."

But, she added, while her finances are in turmoil as attorneys sort things out, the futures of the eight children are secure: "Financially, the kids are protected. They have the fund that I set up for them," Kate said. "That was my long-term goal. It is secure and substantial ... and it is safe. I had the presence of mind to start that on my own. That's what I want for them, [for] their future to be secure."

Vieira asked Kate how she's holding up under the latest assault on what once appeared to be the perfect family life.

"I'm hanging in there. It's hard. Every morning I don't know what I'm going to wake up to," Kate replied.

"He has gone way far off the trail ... Obviously, I am very upset. I can't sleep at night. I can't pay my bills. I think he's receiving bad advice. I think he's making bad decisions."

But while "Kate Plus Eight" remains on hold, Kate confirmed to Vieira that she is working on another show that she would host (with Food Network star Paula Deen, according to radaronline.com) that would not involve the children.

"It is true. It's a project I'm very excited about," Kate told Vieira. "It is in the works. It is minus the kids. There is no word yet on whether it will go alongside or replace ‘Kate Plus Eight.' "

Kate has also had a stint as a guest host of "The View" and told Vieira that she has embraced television as a career.

"I've learned I enjoy this, and it's a way I can provide for kids," she said.

For the first time, Kate also confirmed that earlier this year, she had taken $100,000 out of the account to prevent her husband from taking it.

"I removed it to keep it safe," she told Vieira. "I had taken $100,000 and put it aside safely so I could buy my kids food if needed."

But, she added, she put the money back because the couple's separation agreement forbids either of them from taking out money without the authorization of the other.

Kate told Vieira that as the money manager and bill-payer, she is authorized to write checks on the account to pay household expenses. Her attorneys have said that they intend to go to court in Pennsylvania Monday morning to force Jon Gosselin to return the funds he took out of the account.

Jon's attorneys have issued a statement saying he was taking money that he's entitled to, and that there will be additional "significant" funds he feels he has a right to.

"It's wonderful to say he'll be awarded significant funds. However, there are not significant funds to be awarded," Kate told Vieira.

Kate Gosselin also told Vieira that, contrary to Jon's claims, the eight Gosselin children want to continue filming their TLC show. Jon had said on Larry King last week that the children do not want the show to continue. He asked for a 90-day hiatus during which he said he wanted to forge a friendship with Kate.

On Larry King, Jon Gosselin said that filming of the TLC reality show was not healthy for the couple's eight children.

But Kate told Vieira the children were devastated when she told them over the weekend that filming has been suspended.

"There was wailing and sobbing," she said, adding that the children "love our crew. They are angry."

Kate choked up when she told Vieira about not being able to pay the bills when the couples' sextuplets were born in 2003. The TLC show took care of the bills and put the family in an expansive home in rural Pennsylvania.

Now, she said, she doesn't know how she's going to pay her bills.

"Never did I think I'd be back in the position of not being able to provide for them," Kate told Vieira.

The Gosselins met at a party in October 1997 and were married in May 1999. When they began trying to start a family, Kate was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition that prevented her from ovulating.

The couple went to a fertility clinic and Kate became pregnant with twins. Cara and Madelyn were born Oct. 8, 2000.

Three years later, Kate underwent another fertility treatment and this time six embryos began growing in her womb. The six healthy babies - Alexis, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Hannah and Joel - were born prematurely on May 10, 2003.

Everything began to publicly fall apart early this year. In March, photos of Jon partying with college-age girls in February showed up on the Web. A month later, paparazzi caught Jon with a 23-year-old teacher, Deanna Hummel, in a bar.

In May, Kate told TODAY she and Jon were dealing with their marital issues privately, but within a month, the couple was announcing on TLC that they had separated.

Since then, the feud has grown only more public and more acrimonious.

Although Kate told Vieira she would love it if the Jon she fell in love with were to return, "At this point it does appear we do have different goals."

But despite their ugly and public split, Kate told Vieira she remains civil when she talks to her estranged husband. While she accused him of not communicating with her, she said that she has called him as many as 20 times in a day. She said they have spoken twice in the last week and a half about their custody schedules.

"I've reached out to him. I'm strangely able to put aside all the anger and the hurt when I talk to him and picture the old Jon, because I want peace so badly," Kate told Vieira.

Among the accessories she wore to TODAY was a ring on the ring finger of her left hand. During the summer, Kate had told Vieira she was still wearing her wedding ring out of concern for the children, and especially their girls. Monday, she said she was wearing the wedding ring from her and Jon's renewal of their wedding vows in Hawaii last year. But she said she has been considering getting her ring remounted with eight small diamonds to represent her eight children.




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