Jul 21, 2012 1:15 AM by Stefanie Boe

Just arrived in town; shot at the movies

One of the people shot in the Aurora movie theater early this morning says at one point -- he thought he was going to die.

Stephen Barton and his friend are biking from the east coast to the west coast. They arrived in town just hours before the shooting.

Barton was shot in the neck and knows that if the bullet had hit just a few millimeters one way or another, the outcome could have been much different for him.


"I actually, definitely thought more people would be dead just because he had this high powered shot gun and other guns, it seemed that he was just spraying the center of the theater."

"You know the thought crossed my mind that he was going to walk up the aisles and kill everyone so there was definitely a moment when i thought wow, this really might be the end.

Barton and another shooting victim were actually taken to the hospital in the back of a police cruiser.



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