Feb 10, 2012 12:34 PM by Greg Boyce

Judge sorts through landlord-tenant dispute

A Pueblo magistrate will try to unravel a complex tenant-landlord dispute that left 17 people homeless.

Last week a four unit home on West 8th Street in Pueblo was locked up because the manager of the property said the tenants weren't paying the rent.  The tenants claim they have been paying.  After a hearing this morning the cases were moved to next week, including one trial to determine if rent is owed.

The magistrate ordered the property owner, West 8 Partners LLC, to unlock the doors and allow tenants access.  But the building has no water, electricity or heat so no one can live there.  The property manager, Josh Sutton, told News 5 his company stopped paying the water bill because there was no more money.  He said the tenants pay the electric bill, and that the electricity was shut off because they didn't pay. 

The first trial is scheduled for next Friday.

In the meantime Posada, a Pueblo homeless shelter, will continue providing the 17 tenants with in hotel rooms.

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