Nov 15, 2011 12:29 AM by John Romero

Jerry Pacheco breaks his silence

After weeks of allegations and accusations, Pueblo City Manager Jerry Pacheco is breaking his silence. This comes after Pacheco has been accused of sleeping with a subordinate and intimidating city employee.

We caught up to Pacheco before the Pueblo City Council meeting Monday night When we took the accusations of cheating on his wife with a city employee it to Pacheco he wouldn't talk about it. "City Council knows everything that's been going on since the day after my Blackberry was taken from me." he said, "It's a private personnel issue. Council will decide and deal with that."

On Sunday News 5's Carolyn Carver sat down with Pacheco's estranged wife Brandy. She told us she had found numerous sexually explicit and graphic text messages on Pacheco's city issued cell phone. "I was just kind of in shock. I was hurt and I was amazed to find this was going on." said Brandy. She claims the other woman is Pueblo Human Resources Director Marisa Walker. "It (the texts) was from a woman. A person named GOGO5. I looked up his contact list and the name was Marisa Walker." she said.

We made several open records requests for copies of those texts from the city. All the city would say is that both Pacheco and Walker's phones were inspected and they were clean. But those checks were done after both phones were remotely erased on orders from Pacheco. "Employees have rights. The Colorado Open Records law is very clear and you have the opinion from our city attorney." Pacheco said, "If the point is to further drag me through the mud, what's left?"

Newly elected city councilman Christ Nicoll is calling for an independent investigation in to Pacheco after he received an anonymous letter which alleges Pacheco is involved in "a plot to cover up record through intimidation of city employees in an effort to conceal evidence." When we asked Pacheco he dismissed those claims. "I personally and the city does not generally respond to anonymous letters." he said, "They're worth the weight of that signature on that letter... nothing."

But Brandy Pacheco herself has also accused her husband and the city of abusing power by intimidating city employees such as Brandy's father and sister in the midst of Marisa Walker's stated intent to take legal action against her sister. "To this business that I'm supposedly targeting city employees is unfounded." said Jerry Pacheco, "They have more due process rights than most employees in this country."

But now even the public is calling for an investigation. Pueblo resident Elvin Rivera presented city council with a petition signed by over 300 people in three days. In it, they ask the city to initiate an independent investigation in to all accusations against Pacheco. "We simply are calling for an investigation. We're not making any allegations toward any party or parties." explained Rivera, "We simply want to get to the facts, and I think the public are entitled to that."

Pacheco says he's never done anything wrong and welcomes his turn to speak to city council. "They have full access to all of my records." he says, "I have nothing to hide to them. They are my boss."

As far as the conversations between Pueblo City Council and Pacheco that were scheduled for Monday night, that all happened in a closed door executive session after the public meeting. We'll keep you up to date with more information as we get it.



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