May 11, 2010 4:01 AM by Matt Stafford

Iraqi generals visit the Mountain Post

Fort Carson's 4th Infantry Division will likely be deploying to Iraq this fall, taking over some of the duties done, right now, by the 3rd I.D. As the soldiers prepare, they're meeting with the people they'll be working directly with on the ground, the Iraqis.

Iraqi generals visiting American military posts, like Fort Carson saw Monday, is a new one for Brigadier General James Pasquarette.

"I've not seen this before, where the actual general officers that we'll be working closely with, come forward to our country to help us learn about their challenges first hand," says Brig. Gen. Pasquarette.

Iraqi general officers met with 4th I.D. leaders, whose soldiers will be teaming up with them this fall, but today's meeting isn't only new for the Americans.

"I never believed that I (was) going to be here one day," says Brig. Gen. Jameel Ali Ibrahim a liaison officer for Kurdish security forces to the Iraqi Army.

The Iraqi generals say they've seen a lot of ideas that they want to take back.

American soldiers traveling with the Iraqi generals tell News First 5 that the Iraqis have been very interested in the level of family and community support they've seen for the American soldier.

"Teach all my soldiers what I've seen inside here, inside the United States," says Brig. Gen. Jameel.

Those soldiers will be partnered with the Americans while they work together to secure the country, but the generals say they need more in terms of communication and intelligence.

It's work the 3rd I.D. has been helping provide, but with the 4th I.D. taking over the job, meetings like today will help prepare them for the transition. Once in place, the 4th I.D. will be providing support, but the Iraqis say they want to lead the charge.

"We're going to use our ability, our resources and American help," says Staff Lt. Gen. Hassan Kareem Khudhair, an officer with the Iraqi security forces.

That's help Americans plan on continuing to provide.



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