Oct 7, 2010 11:52 AM by Bea Karnes

Injured turtle needs a ride home

Tucker the turtle is a long way from home, roughly 800 miles, and now needs a little help finding his way back.

Tucker, an Eastern Box Turtle, was picked up in Kentucky by a truck driver who thought he was injured.

His shell appeared to be cracked and he thought he needed medical attention, so he drove the turtle to Minnesota with him.

A friend then brought the turtle to Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. Tucker's shell was fractured, however it was a very old fracture that had long since healed.

The Eastern Box Turtle is not a native species to Minnesota, so Tucker needs to return to Kentucky as soon as possible. He wouldn't survive a Minnesota winter.

Because of flight restrictions on reptiles, the Humane Society is looking for someone who can drive Tucker to a Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvington, Kentucky.


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