Apr 3, 2013 11:37 PM by Annie Snead

Incumbents out, meet the new Colorado Springs City Council

The voters have spoken, all of the incumbents running for re-election in the Colorado Springs City Council race last night are out.
Meet some of the new members of the Colorado Springs City Council.
District one -Don knight, district two - Joel Miller, district three - Keith King and district five - Jill Gaebler.
"Right now I think the biggest issue is getting us all working together," said Knight.
Working together is something knight and the other three candidates agree on.
As for the issues they're planning on addressing:
"If we can get all the city council, get the mayor, get the regional business alliance, get all these people on the same sheet of music and bring a new airline in," said Knight.
Knight says he wants to get more people to fly local, out of the Colorado Springs Airport.
Joel Miller hopes to attract new business to improve the economy.
He says he's looking forward to getting started.
"There are certain things that you know you might not agree with your teammate on all the time but you can discuss it in a reasonable manner and you can learn from people you don't agree with and come to solutions that are going to work for everyone," said Miller.
Keith King wants to make sure the legislation of the council is functioning correctly.
"I want to make it a strong council, I want to start looking for job creation and doing things with the mayor who made this an entrepreneurial hub and a city that we can really create jobs," said King.
Creating jobs is something Jill Gaebler is concerned about too, she hopes to make the city more pro-business.
"Really supporting our local existing businesses to grow and thrive. I think that's how we build jobs in our community," she said.
On April 16th, the candidates will be sworn in.
The next day their first meeting as members of the Colorado Springs utilities board.


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