Jul 4, 2010 6:49 PM by Matt Stafford

In business for the Fourth

You may be used to seeing "closed" signs in doors on holidays, but in Old Colorado City many are staying open this Fourth of July. Those store owners are hoping to catch some shoppers like the Cadarettes, who came into town from Evergreen.

"We can drive instead of fly for a change," Glenda Cadarette says, opting to enjoy some of what Colorado has to offer rather than a far away destination.

On the trip, they saw some hustle and bustle not usual to a holiday, and they wanted to check it out.

"We got a good enough feel to cause us to stop and walk around." adds Al Cadarette.

Store owners want to turn that walking around into window shopping, and eventually into customers.

"They're looking for something to do during the day before the fireworks start, and so they come down here for a great shopping experience," says Kathy Bousquet. She, along with her husband Ed own and run the Barbeque Mercantile.

The Barbeque Mercantile probably has more reason than other stores to stay open on this holiday, but they aren't just open, they're competing for customers with their secret weapon - the irresistible smell of barbeque.

"People smell the aroma of a wood-burning fire," Ed says. "We've had people come from as far as two blocks away saying they followed the smell."

It hasn't been the busiest day of the year by far, but it's still business, and your doors have to be open to get it.

"I think they're (stores that remained closed) missing out," Ed explains. "We've seen so many people between yesterday and today walking the streets of Old Colorado City that we know that it's the right decision to stay open."

Ed says the store had around 800 customers on the 3rd. As for the 4th he expects about half of that number. However, he says as a business owner it's hard to turn away that many customers.


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