Feb 15, 2012 7:35 PM by Carolyn Carver

If your doctor was getting money from drug companies would you want to know about it?

We found nearly $1.5 million in payments from some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies came to Southern Colorado doctors. Our research shows hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments for everything from speaking, to travel, to meals from the very companies they could be prescribing to you, according to the data collected by the nonprofit investigative site,

While it's not illegal, some fear it could be a conflict-of-interest.

The numbers show Southern Colorado doctors were paid nearly $1.5 million dollars total, $20,000 for meals, $40,000 for travel and $1.1 million dollars for speaking.

While many doctors didn't want to talk about it, we found a couple from Colorado Springs and Pueblo who did. Hear why they stand behind the payments and what they want you to know about the drug company money coming up tonight at ten.

Also, how you can search for your doctors pharmaceutical company payments.


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