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May 6, 2013 3:29 PM by Jacqui Heinrich,

Hundreds of former meth labs go unmitigated in Colorado Springs, people may be at risk

There are more than 300 homes in Colorado Springs listed on the Colorado Springs Police Department's Meth Lab Registry as 'unmitigated' former meth labs, meaning they haven't been cleaned up. There's evidence to show that families are living in these homes unknowingly, but what more disturbing is it's possible that there are even more homes that used to be meth labs that are NOT on the list, and families could be living in them and never know it. Current law requires 'industrial hygienists' to clean up meth labs once they are found and report back to local authorities to have the address removed from the list, but there's no state licening or certification program to make sure these individuals are qualified to do clean ups...and local authorities never do a final assessment on a home before it is removed from the list. We talked to local law enforcement about how they want to do more but their hands are tied, and lawmakers about their efforts to make things right.


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