Aug 25, 2011 12:38 AM by Carolyn Carver

"Hug your kids everyday because you never know," says father of choking game victim

Gian-Luc Jordan, 12, died this past week playing a "choking game" he found on the internet, now his family hopes his story will teach others a lesson and hopefully save at least one life.

Statistics show this Springs 7th grader wasn't alone, according to the CDC, up to a 1,000 children between 10 and 19 die every year.

In this case, the star athlete and honor student was playing a "choking game" he found on the internet one lazy summer day before school started.

But by the time his father found him, unconcious with a belt tied to a bed around his neck, it was too late.

"I saw him there, it was unreal, I took him down and started CPR, I took him down stairs I was shouting out his name," relives his father Henry Jordan.

The popular game, meant to make you pass out and give you a "high" feeling when you come to was too much for Gian Luc. "It will probably be the hardest thing I've ever done or will ever do, but I had no idea, none," said his father who saw no signs his son would ever do anything like this.

The middle-schooler never did wake up from the game his parents had never heard of.

"All of these questions that I have, I would love to ask him," says his mother Petra Jordan."There's a part of me that's extremely angry at him for making this poor decision, but I cant be angry at him."

Instead she laid in a hospital bed with him for 5 days and 5 nights. "His heart is beating, his chest is moving, I would sleep in bed with him every night," she says.

But with irreversible brain damage, the doctors knew the game took Gian Luc's life.

His father says, "I knew there was nothing I could do for him, if there was anything I could do, I would have."

Now his parents just hope sharing his story will save another life, hoping no other family will have to feel the pain of losing a child.

"I was telling myself, I wish I had done more, I was telling Gian Luc give me one more chance," says his father before this message to other parents. "Seize the moment, do everything you can with your kids, hug your kids everyday because you never know."

His mother says, "I have a long time ahead of me without him so I have to prepare myself for that, but I talk to him everyday, I go sit in his closet. I tell him how much I miss him and how I would love to hug him right now and tell him 'I love you'.

For the Jordan family, knowing that four of Gian-luc's organs went on to save four other lives is a small piece of comfort.

They're also hoping the Celebration of Life service Thursday at New Life Church will also help remember the best of their first son.

It's at 6 p.m. and open to the public.

For more information on the "choking game" visit


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