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Jun 17, 2013 9:20 PM by Bill Folsom

How did it start? Black Forest fire investigators still working

The investigation into the origin and cause of the Black Forest Fire is ongoing. "We are closing in on what we believe is the exact point of origin," said El Paso County Sheriff, Terry Maketa. Two people died in the fire and the destruction is catastrophic so it is being treated as a criminal investigation until evidence shows otherwise. "They are treating it as if it is a crime, but that has not been determined yet," said El Paso County District Attorney, Dan May

The Sheriff's Office has the lead and they have called on arson experts from other agencies to assist. "I know the ATF is working very closely with us and the FBI, day one they called and said whatever you need let us know," said Maketa.

The sheriff is cautious about giving details too soon. He does say evidence is coming together. "We've gotten some what I would consider pretty good information from the public through the tip lines." Investigators have been working for nearly a week now. They are to a point where they are looking at meticulous details. "Now it's down on your hands and knees looking at the ash pattern, the burn patterns, the heat and extent into a piece of wood, how deep it burns into it."



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