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Jul 24, 2012 9:25 AM by Craig Eliot

Hot with a storm or two today....cooler air on the way!

TODAY: More unseasonably hot weather today, but also a slightly better chance for a storm or two this afternoon and evening. High will reach 94 again in the Springs and 102 in Pueblo! Expect a few storms over the higher elevations around lunch time....chances of storms increase along I-25 by late afternoon and this evening. 30-40% chance over Teller County & the Rampart Range. 30% chance over Monument Hill & the Wet & Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Chances will be about 20% for Colorado Springs, Canon City, Walsenburg and Trinidad. By early evening Pueblo will have a 10-20% chance for much needed moisture....if you live east of Pueblo your chances will be slightly lower.

TONIGHT: A cool front comes through overnight and helps bring in more moisture and some slightly cooler air.

WEDNESDAY: Compliments of that cool front we'll see our high temps tomorrow at least 10 degrees cooler than today! We'll also see a much better chance of showers and thunderstorms. Storms expected over the mountains and foothills. For Colorado Springs expect at least a 40% Chance for showers going up for places like Canon City, Trinidad and Walsenburg to about 30-40%. Pueblo's chances will be 30% and about a 20-30% for the eastern plains. We'll be watching for the chance for a couple of storms close to and over the mountains to drop some heavy rain at times...including around the Waldo Canyon burn scar.

THURSDAY: Mild temps stick around for another day. Highs should be very close to temps on Wednesday.  The atmosphere will be a bit drier so we won't see nearly as many storms at the lower elevations, but we'll keep at least a 20% chance of thundershowers over the mountains.

FRIDAY: A touch warmer and a little better chance of storms. Another 20% chance over the mountains....a 10-20% chance in Colorado Springs and very little chance for Pueblo and the plains.

SATURDAY: Hot weather returns to start the weekend as the mercury heads back into the lower 90's in Colorado Springs and the upper 90's in Pueblo and on the plains.  Chances for storms stay minimal from Pueblo and areas to the east, but will be a little higher for Colorado Springs at 20%....and even higher over the mountains at 20-30%. Keep that in mind if you have plans for some hiking or biking across the higher elevations during the afternoon.

SUNDAY: Storms even more likely during the afternoon in the mountains and in places like Teller County. 30-40% chance there....compared to the 20-30% chance in the Springs and around a 20% chance for Pueblo. Temps to end the weekend should be about 3-5 degrees cooler compared to Saturday's hotter temps.


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