Jan 19, 2012 8:37 PM by David Ortiviz

Homeless man speaks out before jail release

The homeless man who was arrested in Pueblo is out of jail tonight, a day after he was arrested. Today Roy Gleiter made his first court appearance and before the hearing, he made an odd prediction as our camera was rolling.

"You know this is going to go national right?" said Gleiter. "It possibly could," responded News 5 reporter David Ortiviz. "As soon as I get ahold of a couple of friends, you watch things are going to go real bizarre real quick. I warned everybody--nobody listened to me," said Gleiter.

Gleiter's spirits were high as he joked with us and even complemented a female deputy. "I love your nails ma'am," said Gleiter.

When the hearing started the judge decided to release Gleiter on one condition--he has to stay at a homeless shelter. Before he was released from jail Gleiter was able to shower. He told us in December, he hadn't bathed in more than a year.

For months the 53-year old lived in a make shift camp along Highway 50 east of Pueblo. Gleiter told us he was a Hurricane Katrina refuge on a protest journey to make America a better country.

On Wednesday he was arrested for trespassing and unlawful conduct on public property. His wagon, tent and two German Sheppards were seized. Gleiter had been warned repeatedly to move and the Colorado State Patrol says he was camping on land where that's not allowed.

Matthew Martin is Gleiter's attorney. "Regardless whether that home is on state property or not, he has an expectation of privacy and this is the thing that's really upsetting to me," said Martin.

As for that mystery woman in the tent, who Gleiter claims was schizophrenic and bipolar, her name is Debra Cowden. She was taken to Parkview hospital and evaluated, but she's no longer there.

Gleiter's dogs were taken to Pueblo Animals Services. The shelter says they're being kept on an owner hold with the expectation that Gleiter will come for them--but there is a time limit. The animal shelter says it's accepting donations to buy dog food for those who want to help.

As for Gleiter, he was willing to tell us more about his arrest, but our impromptu interview was cut off by the judge. "Can (David) have a couple minutes of my time afterwards?" asked Gleiter. "No," responded a deputy.


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