Jun 12, 2014 10:57 PM by Lisa Lyden

Home Falling into Lake!

What was a luxury home, overlooking a Lake from atop a cliff in Texas, will now be destroyed.

The ground underneath, gave way, sending a large section of the house into the lake below.
The rest of the mansion is now teetering on the edge, over Lake Whitney, in Central Texas.

Pat Small, a local fisherman says, "it's pretty much a mess!"
Over the years, he says he's watched as boulders fell off the bluffs from above, but never a house!

The homeowners have moved out. Several months ago a crack was discovered and the home was condemned.

But several days ago, more of the cliff collapsed, taking part of the home with it.

Tonight, word that the family will destroy it by setting it on fire, tomorrow morning.
It was apparently one of three options given by the Army Corps of Engineers.

The home has a reported value of $700,000 dollars.



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