Dec 12, 2012 7:40 PM by Tony Spehar -

Holiday homecoming for soldiers boosting car sales

Over the past few weeks around 3,000 Fort Carson soldiers have returned to Colorado Springs after a nine-month tour in Afghanistan, their arrival right before Christmas is not only good for them and their families but also for local businesses.

December can often be a slow month for car dealerships, but with the arrival of thousands of soldiers that have months of pay in their pockets sales are up.

"We're up about 12-percent here in El Paso County," explained Dan Jonuska, General Manager at Phil Long Ford. "There isn't a day that goes by here either in sales or service or parts that I don't see someone in uniform here."

According to economists and University of Colorado Colorado Springs 20-percent of all cars sold in El Paso County are bought by members of the military. At Phil Long Ford, that number may be higher especially with the recently returned soldiers who are stopping by.

"I'm thinking about 40-percent of our business is military recently," described Dan Jonuska. "Obviously with all the military here we cherish their business, we take good care of them and we support the military here as a dealership as well."

With the economy still sluggish and new car sales just starting to rise again the homecoming has been perfectly timed to provide a boost for car dealerships and to the economy of Colorado Springs as a whole during the holiday shopping season that many businesses depend upon.



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