Sep 28, 2009 8:57 PM

Hole in popular bike path

It's an obstacle for people traveling by four and two wheels.

"If you hit it, you're going to go down," said Larry Augenstein, a cyclist riding along Flintridge near Tumbleweed Dr. 

A rectangular hole about a foot-and-a-half by two feet and is 7 inches deep is in the middle of the bike lane.

"It's very bad," he said.

Augenstein knows to avoid it.  He and his friend, Bill Stone, ride the route several times a week.  He says he called the city's pothole line to report it.  Neighbors have picked up the phone too. "We basically on the message said that it is in the bike lane and it's very dangerous because it's very deep," said Pam Druelinger.

News First 5 spoke to the city's street division. They referred us to Springs Utilities. "What happened here is a patch failed from an old gas pipe job from a year and a half two years ago," said Steve Barry, a Utilities spokesperson.  "It probably failed due to the wet weather we've had recently."

Barry says they didn't know about the problem until News First 5 called.

"In the future, if you see something not getting done and while it might be a pothole or it might be something else, go ahead and call the hotline and call Colorado Springs Utilities and let us know," he said.

Neighbors say the hole was fixed Monday night. 



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