Dec 28, 2009 12:00 PM by Bob Hansen

Hold onto your seat!

Hang on to your drink and popcorn, because there's a movie seat that wants to take you for a ride.

It's not often theater seats get an unveiling like this, but at Ultra Star at Hazard Center, the seats are part of the show.

Guy Marcoux of D-Box Motion System says, "You have surround sound. You have 3D. I think we bring the next level."

The next level by offering a theater seat that moves with the movie.

Damon Rubio of Ultra Star Cinema says, "Because motion pictures have always needed motion, and now we have a way of delivering that."

The D-Box Motion System uses three motors and a script that times the action on the screen with the action coming from your chair.

Damon says, "They'll turn, they'll tilt, they'll go up and they'll go down, they can actually rock around in a circle so they have a lot of different degrees that they can move."

Take the clip from "The Fast and the Furious," the seat mimics the action on the screen.

This isn't like an amusement park motion ride. It's more subtle than that. But you do get an extra kick when cars skid to a stop or squeal out. You can even dial the movement's intensity up or down to your liking.

Guy says, "Very subtle, very extreme if we want, depending on what the movie can bring us, we can replicate it."

Theater guest Keith Miller says, "I had it all the way up so it wasn't subtle at all. It was shaking me."

Theater guest Lois Jones says, "I felt like I was right there in the car when they were doing the chase scene."

The motion sensitive seats not only enhance the film, but also the price of watching the movie, about $8 for the experience.

The seats are sold in advance. Right now there are 9 films that work with the D-Box system with more in the works.

Guy says, "I think we enhance the movie experience as a whole and that's why people are loving it so far."

Lois says "I was actually feeling the movie. I wasn't feeling the seat move."



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