May 14, 2014 6:40 PM by Matt Prichard

Hickenlooper signs fire bill

A new fire information center right at your fingertips, Governor Hickenlooper signing the new website into motion and pleasing folks with Springs Fire in the process.

"Just a variety of information all consolidated into one website where the public or fire professionals could plug into the system and get the information they need to make the kind of decisions they need," said Colorado Springs Fire Chief, Chris Riley.

After two straight summers of devastating wildfires, it's no surprise Chief Riley's glad to see the site go online, and those that live around the Springs are just as excited.

"It was not fun, it was pretty scary and it would be nice to have local resources going to those things especially considering the pool of people that are here and the cost is relatively low," said Colorado Springs resident, Johnathan Moran.

"Considering the history of this area and the potential threat of these wildfires I think it's definitely worthwhile," said Colorado Springs resident, Christopher Moran.

For a total cost of $27,000 dollars people throughout Colorado can find current wildfire conditions, prevention tips, and even current burning restrictions. Which Chief Riley says will be a game changer as we head into summer.

"It's a partnership between us and the city to have the information readily available, for us to utilize, to make things as safe as possible for this wildfire season," said Chief Riley.

The site is not live yet, however the bill does require that those heading up the resource page have it up and running within 60-days of the signing. 



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