Jan 3, 2010 9:19 PM by Jeannette Hynes

Here's a beer to cry in, Broncos fans

A Denver Broncos win + New York Jets loss/tie + Baltimore Ravens loss/tie. Pittsburgh Steelers loss + Houston Texans loss + New York Jets loss + Jacksonville Jaguars loss. Denver Broncos win + New York Jets loss/tie + Houston Texans win.

Enough! The season is over for the Denver Broncos. Even before the Broncos started the game against Kansas City Sunday, they had to win to keep playoff hopes alive.

Broncos fans watching the game at Old Chicago's in Colorado Springs say the Broncos had a good season.

"First six games were great. Last game, last nine have not been good at all," says Dave Migliaccio.

"This was a great season for the Broncos. I honestly didn't expect them to do this well. It was a turnaround season for them," says Joya Migliaccio.

Fans tracked the playoff scenarios with vigor, keeping an eye on every win and loss only to have the Broncos kick themselves out of the playoffs. 

Most fans say they're just happy to have the .500 season.

"They've done better than anybody ever expected," says Drew Wolman.

Of course, fans have a few regrets, like the 2-8 end to the season.

"We should have beaten Oakland. We should have beaten Washington," says Brink Spear.

"Yes, I'd like to take back, what, about eight games. The Oakland game I'd like to take back. Absolutely," says Dave Migliaccio.


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