Sep 3, 2011 8:10 PM by Trovette Tottress

Police turn up the heat on DUI drivers

With every passing car the risk remains that a drunk driver may be behind the wheel. So for this Labor Day Weekend police are turning up the heat.

"They will be out doing traffic enforcements, aggressively looking for drunk drivers", said Sgt. Joel Kerns.

And they're setting up checkpoints.

"We run a check point at a specified location to look for drunk drivers", said Sgt. Joel Kerns. "An officer will have a brief interaction with the driver and try to determine if that person is intoxicated or not."

Police say what frustrates them the most about drunk drivers is the harm they cause to society.

"They will go out and drink and drive. They'll cause an incredible amount of damage to property and to families and yet they literally walk away unscaved", said Sgt. Joel Kerns.

But police are not the only ones on alert. So are bars.

"In the state of Colorado, the bar and the bartender himself can be liable in case of a DUI accident", said Greg Janaeck. "So we take that very seriously. We are adamant about people controlling their drinking".

Last year 54 people were cited at checkpoints throughout Colorado Springs. Currently that number is at 37. Police are hoping the number stays that way.

Police say there are signs you can look for to spot a drunk driver.

"If a person is weaving in and out of traffic, stopping at a green light, [and] going through red lights obviously", said Sgt. Joel Kerns.

And their message for drunk drivers.

"[Don't] do it. It's not worth the risk to you and the people in the community", said Sgt. Joel Kerns.

It's a message they hope will resonate in order to save a life.



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