Apr 18, 2010 11:23 AM by NBC

Have peanut allergies, maybe you should check your ant traps

It's the start of Spring, which also means the start of ant season. But before you put out any ant traps, did you know many of them contain peanuts?

Beatrice Povolo has an eight year old son, Joseph, who has a severe allergy to nuts. So, Povolo checks every label on all food products to make sure they're nut free. You can imagine her surprise when she went shopping for ant traps and found they contain peanuts.

Allergist Dr. Maria Traissi Asper says in fact, the risk of a having a severe reaction to the peanut content of ant traps is extremely low. She says "the person would have to come into contact with the protein itself in order to have a reaction to it so they would have to touch the contents of the ant trap in order to have a reaction to it."

Keep in mind, that ant traps aren't the only non food product that contains peanuts: some mouse traps, cosmetics and even stuffing for toys could contain nuts" Dr. Traissi Asper says read all labels -- even of non food products carefully and if you're not sure -- call the manufacturer for a list of ingredients.




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