Jun 30, 2010 10:49 PM by James Amos, James Jarman

NEW INFORMATION: Small wildfire moved quickly and sends a big message

A grass fire in Colorado Springs had officials worried about nearby homes, but now is contained.

The fire is out and no evacuations are being ordered.

The fire was burning at Melany Lane and Christopher Terrace.

Despite the wind, firefighters were able to keep the fire under an acre and away from nearby homes.

Neighbors tell us they were shocked at how quickly the fire spread.  "The speed at which it moved was amazing," Dale Douglass told NF5.  Doulglass lives right across thew street from the fire and was dfenfending his home with a garden hose.  "The wind was blowing straight west, northwest whatever and it just followed the wind and just was all over that field."

Firefighters say two young boys started the fire. The boys, both under the age of 10, can't be arrested. They will be required to go through the Colorado Springs fire setters course.  Winesses tell NF5 that the boys were lit a piece of paper and threw it in the air.

The boys' parents could've been held liable for damages caused by the fire, but firefighters were able to contain to fire in a field of weeds and brush.

The fire shows how dry conditions are and why officials are asking people not to light fireworks in the City of Colorado Springs where it's illegal.

Police and firefighters tell NF5 they realize people are going to light illegal fireworks this 4th of July weekend. 

"Everyone is buying them up in the county and over the border of Colorado," said Lt. Mike Smalldino, CSFD, "fireworks are illegal please don't light them off here in the city."

Police say they get up to 500 complaint calls over the 4th of July.  They say they don't have the resources to follow up on all of them, but they will arrest you if they see you lighting illegal fireworks, or if you start a fire with them.


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