Dec 10, 2012 11:34 PM by David Ortiviz

Gov. Hickenlooper creates task force to set rules for pot

Possession of marijuana is now legal in Colorado. Governor John Hickenlooper signed an executive order today which formalizes Amendment 64 as part of the state constitution. Also today, Gov. Hickenlooper set up a task force to help implement Amendment 64 by determining regulation and taxation issues.

In Colorado it's now legal for anyone 21 years and older to possess under an ounce of marijuana. The recreational use of marijuana is also legal, meaning adults are no longer required to have a medical marijuana card to smoke it. The law also allows for limited home-growing of marijuana.

It's illegal to smoke or consume marijuana in public or in a way that endangers others. It's also against the law to buy or sell marijuana in any quantity, which has some asking, how will people buy it and how will this work.

"I mean these are hard questions to be honest with you," said Gov. Hickenlooper. "These questions, the right compromises aren't immediate apparent, but I think we've got the right people on the task force and we'll hear both sides of the issue, and try to move to a very thorough comprehensive set of regulations," he added.

The Governor's office hopes to have lawmaker approved regulations in place by July 1, 2013. Licenses for marijuana sales likely won't be issued until next October.

Also, local governments have been given a lot of control over regulation. Cities and municipalities will be allowed to regulate or prohibit facilities that make or sell pot.



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