Jun 3, 2014 6:20 AM by Chelsea DeCesare

Golden cat survives a month trapped in storage unit

GOLDEN - If Louie the cat could talk, he would have quite the survival story to tell.

His tale began a month ago, when his owner, Deborah Nelson, was forced to move from her home to a family's house temporarily.

Two of her sons helped her put her belongings in a storage unit until she could find a new, permanent living arrangement.

Her two feline companions, Louie and Lola, were supposed to come with her. Except no one could find Louie after the move.

That was in late April.

Saturday afternoon, nearly a month later on May 31, Nelson returned to her storage unit to find the most unlikely personal possession, still alive a month later. It was Louie.

The cat had been trapped in Nelson's box spring inside the storage unit for 28 days.

He was dehydrated, but alive. Nelson took him to the Wheat Ridge Veterinary Hospital, but could not afford to keep him there overnight as veterinarians had recommended.

The animal hospital's Emergency and Critical Care Veterinarian, Dr. Sierra Blauvelt, gave Nelson instructions on how to nurse Loui back to health, since he will require special care as he recovers from the ordeal.

Donations for Louie's recovery can be sent to the Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital, 3695 Kipling St, under account number 104690.

(Photo: Deborah Nelson)



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