Feb 2, 2011 7:45 PM by Stephanie Collins

Ghost or not? You be the judge

We've all heard a ghost story or two before, but rarely do you see one in action.

"Look at this, it's closing," you hear Mike Coletta saying as he watches a door close, apparently on its own. Moments earlier he caught the door swinging open. This happened in the basement of the Evergreen Cemetery chapel in Colorado Springs, last September. They used to store bodies down there when it was too cold to bury them.

Coletta was video taping at the time and cemetery manager, Will DeBoer was down there with him. They were using a KII meter to see if they could detect any activity, when Coletta saw the door move out of the corner of his eye, "All I can say is i know it wasn't normal and definitely can say it was paranormal," says Coletta.

DeBoer still doesn't know what to think about what they saw, "I don't know if I'm the sound of reason or what, because to this day, I don't know what I believe, if I believe in ghost or not."

DeBoer has worked at the cemetery for 19 years he says the chapel is over 100 years old and he has heard of strange things happening before, "I've had old staff tell me they've heard footsteps in there, they've seen a dark figure go up the stairs," but he's never witnessed anything himself, until now.

The video is now getting national attention. The producers of A&E's "My Ghost Story" saw the video and contacted him. Both Coletta and DeBoer will be featured on the show, which they say will air sometime this summer.

To see the whole video, click here.



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