Jul 8, 2010 11:04 PM by Matt Stafford

Genesis Sims' biological mother reacts to arrests

The biological mother of Genesis Sims gave her DNA to help identify her little girl.

After learning about the death of her daughter just this week, she's devastated, as any mother would be. However, Jopetia Garretson finally got some news she wanted to hear - two arrests have been made in her daughter's case.

"At first I was happy to hear that they were caught, but some of it still doesn't sound right," Garretson said.

Monique Lynch, one of the two arrested in a Nevada motel room, told News First 5 via Facebook that last year she and Sims had found Genesis unresponsive in a bathtub. After determining she was dead, she said they said a prayer over her and later put her body in the crawl space in their Monument home.

Garretson is still unsure about what really happened.

"I believe that part about leaving her in the house by herself," says Garretson, but that's where she's imagining a different scenario. "I believe somebody did something to her before they left the house and by the time they got back in the house from leaving her in there by herself, then yeah, it's possible that she could have died during that time."

Garretson says the part that gets her is that she can't imagine anyone, but specifically the child's father, could leave the little girls body like they it was -- buried and hidden, possibly never to be found.

Garretson says she hopes those found responsible will be punished to full extent of the law.


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