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Dec 26, 2010 6:39 PM by Matt Stafford

Gassing "up" for the trip home

"It seems like its shot up a lot in the past couple of weeks," say Greg Even, a driver who's been noticing gas prices on the rise.

Gas prices nationally have passed three dollars a gallon on average, for the first time since October 2008 -- when we had just seen record highs that summer.

"It's gone up this Christmas season, I believe," says Jon Dodson, a traveler from Texas.

Dodson is one of the more than 92 million holiday travelers expected this year by AAA. He's heading back to Texas after spending Christmas in Vail.

"This trip we have spent more on gas," Dodson explains, comparing it to trips in the past.

"Gasoline prices are about 40 cents more than they were a year ago," says Troy Green, a national spokesman from AAA. However, he says despite the rise in price for fuel, people are still hitting the road.

Dobson and his wife considered flying, but with renting a car, driving was their cheapest option. That's what most people seem to be looking for -- spending as little as possible. Even while Colorado has some of the cheapest gas in the country -- about 25 cents less than the national mark of just over three dollars a gallon -- our drivers are still paying close attention.

"It's $2.85 up there (Monument). We drove by and came down to this station (on Baptist Road) because it's $2.79." explains Jake Jacobson, a driver looking for a better deal.

For diesel drivers it's even more expensive; now averaging three dollars and 21 cents a gallon in Colorado. Greg Even saw the price spike coming last Friday.

"I looked up and it was $3.09, and then about an hour or so later it's up to $3.12," Even says. With a 25 mile drive to work every day, Even worries about the chunk gas prices will take out of his budget.

"About every five days I've got to fill up at 40 to 45 dollars a pop, so it adds up fast," says Even. But he's got to get to work, and it seems like more and more often it's to pay off his gas bill. That's a task several travelers will have when they get home.

For more information on fuel prices, and to see Colorado's numbers in closer detail, click here to go to AAA's website.


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