Mar 24, 2014 6:35 PM by Matt Prichard

Future flooding could spell slides

Colorado is gearing up for a forecast of flooding and a season of slides as a mountain of mud in Washington weighs heavily on our minds.

"Those areas in particular you've got some really thick sand and gravel, and clay deposits that lay on top of weak bedrock, sand and clay. And in Colorado we don't really have those sand and gravels that underlay very weak bedrock," said Colorado Geological Survey spokeswoman, Karen Berry.

Even though a major slide isn't likely, Southern Colorado knows the sting of devastating floods and hopes to limit the damage this time around.

"As new development proposal come in, we're looking for geological hazards and we design for both the landslide and the debris flows associated with our drainages," explained Colorado Springs Development & Review Programs Manager, Steve Kuehster.

But although the pieces are in place, those with the Colorado Geological survey are telling folks to have a plan in place and be ready for the worst.

"Staying alert in areas where rainfall is coming down especially during really intense thunderstorms and really listen to early emergency flood warnings," said Berry.

For now officials are playing the waiting game and hoping that all these preventative measures pay off come flood season.


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