Mar 26, 2010 10:05 PM by Matt Stafford

Ft. Carson soldier arrested in possible financial scam

It's something Sandra Clamon didn't expect she would have to do, speak out against another soldier.

"I was stationed with him in the same unit in Iraq. So he was one of my fellow soldiers," says Sandra Clamon, who says she's a victim of a financial scam.

After losing thousands of dollars, things change. In 2006, Clamon began investing with fellow soldier Delroy Henry and his company, D.M.H. Financials Inc. She says she began with putting in around $15,000, but eventually statements said that investment grew to more than $80,000.

Clamon noticed problems when she asked to take out her money; she couldn't, and after a few phone calls came a real shock.

"There was no license, there was no company," Clamon explains.

Law enforcement says Clamon isn't the only victim. They've identified 97 alleged victims; most of them are in the military.

Staff Sergeant Flavia Goddard, currently stationed at Fort Carson, has a similar story, claiming betrayal by a teammate and a friend.

"While I was deployed I realized I stopped getting statements and I figured something was wrong," Goddard says.

That was 2007, she stopped sending Henry money, but now Goddard is starting over her retirement planning.

"Right now it feels like everything is down the drain," Goddard explains.

"You don't expect it from another soldier who you went to war with, who you've known for four years," Clamon says.

News First Five looked into the address listed online for D.M.H. Financials. It's a personal residence, where a man claiming to be Henry's son answered the door.

"All I know is people are lying on him," says the man who identified himself as Henry's son, but said he isn't involved in the company. One he says is a very successful one.

"My dad has like 100 million dollars in stocks, he doesn't need to steal," the man explains.

For now though, that's allegation against Henry, along with securities fraud and forgery charges. It comes to 12 charges in all.

Henry is being held on a $500,000 bond. A hearing on the bond along with a preliminary hearing is set for April 19th.

The investigation is on-going. Authorities say, because of the transient nature of the military. Victims may have moved or are possibly deployed. Local law enforcement says if you think you may be a victim, contact them. The number is (719) 444-7000.



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