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Nov 21, 2013 1:15 PM by Stephen Bowers

Friday snow in Pueblo? WHAT?! Not normal, but here it comes


We talked about it this morning on News 5 Today, and here it is again. We know Colorado Springs usually gets the snow and Pueblo frequently misses out. That's why this seems a little off, perhaps, but take a look at the map above.You're looking toward the west. That big towering mountain almost in the middle is Pikes Peak. The the right (north) is Colorado Springs, and to the left (south) is Pueblo. This map is showing elevation, and notice how from Pueblo to Colorado Springs (left to right) the elevation increases. Colorado Springs sits UP on the Palmer Divide. The Palmer Divide's crest is just north of Colorado Springs, and from the top of the divide to the bottom of the Arkansas River Valley (where Pueblo sits) is about a 3,000-foot drop.

Usually when a cold front moves through, the wind blows from north to south (right to left in the image) behind the cold front. That sets up a downslope wind (down the south-facing slope of the Palmer Divide), which drys the air chokes off rain and snow around Pueblo. Tomorrow, though, the high pressure behind the cold front will set up so that the wind blows from east to west (into the image). That is an UPSLOPE wind, and it is going to set up areas from Pueblo to Trinidad for a bout of heavy snow that will start to ramp up around 9-10 pm tonight and likely continue throughout much of tomorrow. Colorado Springs likely will see SOME snow, but the heavier snow focus will be south of Colorado Springs tomorrow.


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