May 29, 2013 12:33 AM by Annie Snead

Fort Carson soldiers help clean up in Oklahoma

A group of Fort Carson soldiers just returned from Oklahoma after giving up their holiday weekend to help those affected by the devastating tornado.
They are just a small piece of what has literally been an "army" of volunteers, even using some of their own money to pay for the trip.
"I just see it as, it's what people should do people should go out and help others that need help," said Sgt. Andrew Cutsforth.
"The shear devastation of the buildings and the homes and peoples lives were ripped out from underneath them, " he said.
Sgt. Cutsforth said he was watching the coverage on TV, but actually seeing it in person was something else; houses collapsed and people's belongings laying in the streets.
He recalls taking down a little girls jungle gym for her grandmother, because one of the main posts had snapped.
"So as we were cutting it up I noticed the little girl, 5 or 6 years old just bawling next to me as we started to cut it up. it was heartbreaking it really was," he said.
One of countless stories that touched these soldiers' hearts.
But he and Sgt. Chris Stanberry say while folks had lost everything, their spirits were high.
"It was a devastating trip but there was a lot of comradery, the people were happy that we were down there helping," said Sgt. Stanberry.
The 11 soldiers who made the trip took a Uhaul down with donations. They helped clean folks yards and whatever else that needed to be done.
"We would be out there working and suddenly somebody would stop and say hey you want some water food? Red Cross would stop with food and make you meals, even if you told them no Red Cross would say we're going to feed you," he said.
Sgt. Stanberry says just like the Waldo Canyon fire, volunteers came from all over.
"That's sort of one thing that's great about this country, people will come help no matter where it's at if they can," he added.


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