Jul 30, 2014 12:52 PM by Greg Dingrando

Food trucks taking over town, but are they safe?

COLORADO SPRINGS - Food trucks are growing in popularity all over the country, and Colorado Springs is no exception.

"It seems like its on every corner," said Jodi Gallo.

And that's no accident. The popularity seems to be surging.

"We're here once a week or maybe twice a week. Anytime we're down town we're like yea lets go to the food trucks," said Gallo.

Tom Gonzales with the El Paso County Health Department said there's about 200 trucks in the county. He said they're inspected twice a year with the biggest difference being they're mobile.

"Sometimes it is difficult because they are at various places around the city and county, but we work hard to track them down and have those inspections" said Gonzales.

When it comes to the safety side of things he said the inspections are about the same as the ones at regular restaurants.

"Those critical points to avoid food born illnesses are the same as a grocery store, or restaurant like washing your hands and keeping temperatures at proper temp control," said Gonzales.

For many of the truck owners, it's their livelyhood so for them cutting corners isn't an option.

"Its just like any other business when you're dealing with the health of people. If you're not going to do it the right way you might as well not do it because eventually they'll get to you," said Pablo Bonacic with the Merkam truck.

And they say when you've done it as much they have...its not all that hard.

It's not hard at all. Its actually easier because its smaller," said Sylvia Gray.

As for the hungry customers, the Gallo family said they were a bit skeptical to eat at food trucks in the beginning, but now they don't hesitate.

"It all seems pretty fine. I'm still standing here today," said Izabella Gallo.

Not only are the food trucks inspected like the normal restaurants, they're also reviewed like them too. So if you're a little hesitant about testing a truck out you can check the health department's website to see how each truck scored on their most recent inspection.

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