Jan 6, 2014 8:40 PM by Bill Folsom

Flu on the rise as kids going back to school

Hospitalized flu cases in El Paso County continue to rise. "We did see an increase of cases from about 85 hospitalized cases to, we're about 102 hospitalized cases this week and so the activity did go up over the weekend," said El Paso County Health, Director, Jill Law.

It happening just as the holiday break ends and kids are going back to school and businesses are returning to full staffing. It raises the potential for the virus to spread. "Certainly as you put more people in one small room, then the greater the chance you might have somebody who is ill getting others sick," said Law. She says people now need to be extra cautious to cut-off the spread. "If you feel sick stay home from work or keep you're child home from school, and I know it's hard because we all live very busy lives, but that's really the way."

It is also not too late to get a flu shot. It does take a week to 10 days to fully build up an antibody response, but Law says the shot is still helpful before then. "Maybe get just a little bit ill verses as serious as you could be without being vaccinated." One key group that should be getting vaccinated through the flu season is babies turning six months. It is not safe for them to get flu shots earlier.



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