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Jul 26, 2011 1:08 AM by Stephanie Collins

Flooding problem areas in Colorado Springs

The heavy afternoon rain and hail we've seen lately have combined to produce severe flash flooding and street flooding.

In Colorado Springs there are some areas that are worse than others, "Some of our most problematic areas are the Academy corridor, specifically between Austin Bluffs and N. Carefree, as well as Academy Boulevard between Galley and Platte Avenue," explains Jeff Besse, Stormwater Specialist for Colorado Springs.

Problem areas are low lying and have smaller and older drainage systems. In addition to the Academy corridor, the old north end in the Springs can't handle a lot of precipitation, because it's a flat area and the drains can't handle a lot of water. The Broadmoor area also tends to flood more often because there aren't as many curb and gutter drains, everything just drains into ditches. Stormwater says Rockrimmon also has some street flooding issues, "If we have a lot of rain in a short amount of time, the smaller infrastructure in those areas, wont be able to drain that area," adds Besse.

While the city has fixed some problem areas in the past, it's not in the current budget to get these areas fixed. So for now steer clear of these trouble spots if it's raining hard outside. Stormwater also wants to remind everyone to stay away from storm water channels and drains, they can fill up fast and be very dangerous.



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