Aug 5, 2014 11:23 PM by Matt Prichard

Flood work holds strong

Last summer's downpour made it clear for city officials. Fix the flooding problem above Camp Creek, and do it fast.

"All the sediment came into Garden of the Gods and filled it up all over the place, so we knew we had to do something to try and contain the sediment in one location. So we came up with the idea of this cleanable pond," said Development Review & Storm-water Manager, Tim Mitros.

The catch-pond got its first test at the end of July, as thunderstorms rocked the Front Range. And although it was a lot, Mitros says the pond passed with flying colors.

"We've seen storms over July 16th and that started to bring the sediment back down. We've had several others, and it's working exactly as planned. The sediment is being contained in this area," said Mitros.

The real test though comes from those living along the creek who've watched water roll down the 31st street channel.

"We were kind of expecting more excitement out of it, it's been pretty boring. We've had a couple feet in it recently, but honestly its been underwhelming compared to last year," said Pleasant Valley resident, Nick Vuicich.

With gushing currents last year, the fixes are certainly welcomed, but Vuicich says it's more surprising than anything as he originally thought they weren't doing enough.

"I was a little doubtful that what they had done would really make that big of a difference, so I guess it has. I thought it was too little, but we've definitely seen a difference in the water level," said Vuicich. 

From here, it's all about keeping the pond cleaned-out and the capacity up. But Mitros says they're just thrilled to see the project working at such a high level.

"We're very happy how this turned out, it's a very nice looking project at the north-end of Garden of the Gods, and it's doing its job," said Mitros. 

The project could face its biggest test though coming up this September, and of course we'll keep you updated as any details become available.



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