Mar 19, 2011 11:48 AM by Andy Koen

Fitness questions answered

So should you increase your heart rate before hitting the weights at the gym? Is it more effective? Personal trainer Joe Person says yes!

He answered these and other viewer questions for us this morning on News First 5 Today Weekends. Click the video link to watch the entire segment.

Person is a certified weighloss management coach, a certified sports nutrionist, certified master personal trainer and is certified in geriatric exercise.

According to his biography, Person grew up in St. Petersburg Florida and was an avid surfer, skater, BMX racer and life long fitness enthusiast. However, he gained some 60 pound after a fighting both cancer multiple surgeries.

"After recovering from my physical setbacks with my health, I had discovered my passion," Person said.

1.Portion Control (if you eat more calories than you burn , you wont
lose weight).
2.Water,Water,Water Shoot for 1 gallon per day.
3.Whole Foods vs. Preservatives
4.No More Frying, grill, bake, steam
5.Stay away from soda
6.Eat clean during the week ,save reward meals for the weekend.
7.Avoid sauces and dips.
8.White meat vs. dark meat.
9.The less ingredients the better.
10.Prepare your meals the night before.

1.Stay hydrated. (Hydration is key) your body needs 8 to 12 oz. of
water before you enter the gym,8 to 12 oz. while working out,then 8 to
12 oz. when you leave. ( That is right up to 36 oz.)
2. Stay Committed. Results take time but in return you get time to live longer.
3.Keep an open mind.. Positive Attitude... Go in every workout with a
positive mindset & set goals.
4.Ask Questions (Even a genius asks questions)
5.Form is the most important part of resistance training.
6.Remember a healthy body will last longer than any other investment
you can make.
7.Change up your exercise routines every 30 days.
8.Strength train before cardio.
9. Exercise core daily (except off days)
10.Perform 25 to 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise @ least 4 days a week.

Click here to visit Joe's website, for more health and nutrition information.


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