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Sep 19, 2012 3:11 PM by Lauren Molenburg

Fisherman rescued by a shark

We learn from Discovery News a man lost at sea for over 100 days was helped to safety by a shark!

41-year-old Taokai Teitoi and his brother-in-law, 52-year-old Lelu Falaile, thought they were going for a short fishing trip from Kiribati to Maiana on May 27. After stopping to fish, the two men slept on the boat overnight. The next morning, they woke up to waves in every direction.

They had drifted out into the Pacific Ocean and were out of fuel. With food, but no water, Falaile's health began to fail. On July 4, Falaile died and was given a burial at sea by his brother-in-law.

Several days of rain allowed Teitoi to catch enough water to stay alive and wait. On September 11, a scratching sound on the hull of the boat alerted him to a shark bumping and pushing his boat toward another fishing boat.

The crew of the Marshalls 203 rescued Teitoi after 15 weeks at sea.


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