Sep 4, 2012 8:29 PM by Matt Stafford

Firsthand account of Bin Laden mission selling fast

Pentagon officials say the Navy SEAL's account of the mission killing Osama bin Laden contains classified information. Press Secretary George Little told reporters Tuesday that after an official review of the book it was determined to have "sensitive and classified" information, according to the Associated Press.

The book, "No Easy Day" was released Tuesday. At a Colorado Springs Barnes and Noble, the first four customers of the day bought the book.

"We finally got the mission accomplished, so I'd like to know the inside story on how that happened," says David Dawson, a man that came during his lunch break from work to get the book.

"Had this on my to-do list to pick up this book," says Jim O' Neal, another person buying the book.

"No Easy Day" is an autobiography of Mark Owen -- a fake name for security reasons -- one of the SEAL Team 6 leaders on the May 2011 mission.

The book goes through the process of training for the assignment;

Toward the end, a question was raised about whether or not this was a kill mission. A lawyer from either the Department of Defense or the White House made it clear that this wasn't an assassination.
"If he is naked with his hands up, you're not going to engage him," he told us. "I am not going to tell you how to do your job. What we're saying is if he does not pose a threat, you will detain him." P. 177

Then getting into details of the actual mission, "Owen" says he was of the first people in the room and shot Bin Laden in the chest. Afterwards "Owen" says,

It was strange to see such an infamous face up close. Lying in front of me was the reason we had been fighting for the last decade. It was surreal trying to clean the blood off the most wanted man in the world so that I could shoot his photo. P. 241

Then as SEAL Team 6 left the Bin Laden compound, "Owen" gives this description;

We took two DNA samples and sets of photos so that we had identical sets... This had been planned so that if one of the helicopters was shot down on our flight back to Jalalabad, a DNA sample and set of pictures would survive. We wanted proof to show Pakistan and the rest of the world we got Bin Laden. P. 245

News 5 spoke with a retired Navy SEAL living in Colorado Springs. Charlie Shea was on SEAL Team 2 in the 1970s. He hasn't read the book yet, but says he will. Shea thinks writing the book is a questionable decision on the author's part.

One thing Shea said about the situation is an old saying, 'loose lips sink ships.' Shea says the book will compromise things like high-level intelligence gathering. He says he's not mad about it, but kind of disappointed someone would take the risk.

The Pentagon hasn't said specifically what damage could happen from the book, however they also haven't done anything to stop the sale.

"No Easy Day" is quickly moving up the bestsellers list. On day one it's already at the top of the Barnes and Noble Bestsellers list.

The author is reportedly giving some proceeds from the book to honor our military's elite fighters that have died since 9/11.


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