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Oct 10, 2009 5:41 PM by Andy Koen

First grade teacher frequently taps her creativity to teach

The ease with which first graders can use their imaginations is so natural that it requires a special adult to channel that energy into constructive classroom education. Sue Amble is just such a person.

The first grade teacher at Divine Redeemer Catholic School in Colorado Springs relies on her creativity on a daily basis to capture her students collective imaginations.

For example, she assigns her students seats in seven separate groups that each named after a continent. The students are reminded of the subtle geography lesson each time they sit down.

In teaching American History, Amble erects a traditional Native American Wetu in the middle of class. She says it's worth the extra effort when she realizes how her lessons stick with her students.

"When kids come back in here in third and fourth grade they say, oh I was in Australia or I was in Antarctica or when are you going to put up the Wetu? Or that kind of thing. So, I know that they're remembering those fun things that we do."

The kids aren't the only ones who appreciate Mrs. Amble's creativity. Principal Jim Rigg says he and Amble's fellow teachers recognize something special in her."

The textbooks are good and they have their place, but it really takes a truly gifted teacher to move out of the textbook and make the class their own," Rigg said.

As a catholic school teacher, Amble says lessons in faith are just as important for her as the academics.

"Part of our job is to raise good human beings and I like that our, we're raising good young moral leaders who are going on and taking that into our community."

And because of her commitment to teaching the whole child Sue Amble is our May 2009 Teachers First award recipient.


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