Jun 18, 2011 12:09 AM by Nicole Vandeputte

Firefighters work to save homes from Duckett Fire

High humidity and low winds have firefighters feeling cautiously optimistic. They say the flames calmed down enough that they were finally able to get in to fight that fire on Friday.

More than 400 firefighters from 10 states are battling this fire.

That fire's burned more than 3,800 acres. 80 homes have been evacuated. The evacuations include Maytag Ranch, The Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp, Eagle Peak Subdivision, Brush Creek Estates, and County Road 192.

We were able to go to an evacuated home in the Eagle Peak Subdivision that's about a mile from the fire. A firefighter there, Shay Rogge, has been working all day to mitigate that property.

He said the home is in pretty good shape. It's got a steel roof, no gutters, and it's made of stucco. He says all of that will help keep the fire at bay.

One problem he found is in the courtyard of the home. There are several trees, surrounded by building. He says that trees could help the fire spread to the home.

His other advice; clear out any woodpiles, and keep vegetation down. He says make sure you keep the yard mowed and watered.

County roads 192 and 198 remain closed to traffic. We've also been told tonight that all National Forest System Lands, roads, and trails within the Duckett Wildland fire area are closed to the public.



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