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Dec 13, 2010 7:22 PM by Stephanie Collins

Find out your energy use: Kill-a-Watt meter loan program

Are you curious to know how much electricity you use? Well a Kill-a-Watt meter can help you find out, and knowing could save you money.

The Colorado State University Extension Office of El Paso County has a Kill-a-Watt meter they will loan out in week long periods, to anyone who wants it. You can plug any appliance or electrical device into the meter; it will tell you how much electricity it's using and what it costs to run it.

The meter will also alert you to devices that are using electricity even when they're not on, "People often believe that if they just turn off their computer or power down whatever appliance it is, then it's not drawing any electricity, and that's not always true. Computers for instance will still have a phantom load and draw electricity even when the appliance is turned off," explains Extension Agent, Jonathan Brabec.

If you find one of your appliances is inefficient, the state is still offering rebates and incentives to upgrade to something more energy efficient, for more on the program, click here.

To check out the meter you can contact the Colorado State University Extension Office at 719-520-7625, visit them at 305 S. Union Blvd. in Colorado Springs or click here to go to their website. To check out the meter you need to pay a $25 refundable deposit.


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