May 30, 2014 11:30 PM by Maddie Garrett

Fellow Republican Calls for Sheriff Maketa's Resignation

The scandal surrounding El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa could change the political climate of Southern Colorado, as long time supporters of the sheriff and fellow Republicans, are now weighing in on the situation.

This comes on top of Thursday's call from the El Paso County Board of Commissioners, asking the sheriff to resign. All of this, after News 5 uncovered racy emails between Maketa and the comptroller and formal complaints were filed against him, alleging sexual and possible financial misconduct.

"It's a shock, but to me, it's also just a tragedy," said Republican political strategist Jeff Crank.

Crank, a talk show host, is more than just a supporter of Sheriff Maketa, he's a long time friend.

"You know, to me a true friend is going to be someone who stands up and tells you the truth," said Crank.

That's why Crank is speaking out publicly, and asking Maketa to step down.

"I can't imagine why that (resigning) wouldn't be the best thing," said Crank.

Crank said he thinks a resignation would be best for the public, the nearly 800 Sheriff's Office employees and Maketa's family. Crank said he believes all of this, politics and friendship aside.

"I would've said that Bill Clinton should have resigned over this, and I did call for that. And so I can't be hypocritical and call for one because they're a democrat and not call for the other one because they're a republican," explained Crank.

But President Clinton didn't step down, and Colorado Springs pastor and vocal blogger Ted Haggard said, Maketa should follow Clinton and not resign either.

In his blog "Pastor's Pen," Haggard wrote:

"We as a civilization have worked for hundreds of years now to refine our process of determining truth, guilt, and consequences. We decided to start with the presupposition that people are innocent until proven guilty, that they have the right to defend themselves, and that their accusers have to present factual evidence of relevant wrongdoing."

Haggard goes on to argue that if Maketa resigns, he believes it will be interpreted as an admission of guilt, and due-process may not run its full course:

"Only then, after professional investigations and legal reflection, consequences, if necessary, can be decided by appropriate authorities. Should the Sheriff resign, both he and his office would lose full participation and representation in the process."

On the other hand, Crank said stepping down isn't an admission of guilt, but simply the right thing to do in this situation.

"If this were the CEO of any company in America, they would be forced to resign by the board of directors because of the legal liability it creates," said Crank.

Looming over the investigation and litigation to follow is the cost to tax payers, another reason Crank thinks Maketa should resign. In his opinion, Crank estimates all of the legal costs could be in the millions of dollars, and that comes from public dollars.


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