Jun 8, 2011 12:38 PM by Dr. Anya Winslow

Feat of the feet

At seventy, Anita McCoy still has it, and she is taking her routine from her Cañon City studio all the way to "America's Got Talent."

She has been dancing for fifty-three years and in November of 2010, she decided to take her act to Denver where she auditioned for the show's sixth season. Shortly afterwards, she got the call and was asked to go to Seattle to perform in front of the celebrity judges.

"I can still do it. I feel like I'm twenty," says McCoy.

This baton twirling, tap dancing, hula hoop swirling dancing diva makes it look so easy. She even tried to teach me a few moves. After slipping on a pair of tap shoes and a little instruction later, my feet were not as lithe as Anita's, nor was it as easy as it looked, but it certainly was a lot of fun.

Over one hundred thousand acts were reviewed. Only four hundred were able to grace the stage and perform in front of the celebrity judges. All the contestants are vying for the one million dollar prize.

I know I definitely would not make the cut.  As for McCoy's chances of winning, "I just can't see that happening...I just want to be on national TV, that's all," she says.

Sometimes it is not about winning, but Anita believes that if you stay active, you will stay young.

"Anybody can do this if they keep up with it. You have to keep up with your stretching, dancing all your life," she asserts.

Watching her stretch can become tiring. It is an act in itself. She bends backwards, forwards, does sit-ups and leg extensions. As soon as she is through with one leg, she repeats the routine with the other.

McCoy's eternal youth is spectacular, and her enthusiasm for the sport is epic.

"I would probably try out for more things. There'll be other shows. Like, I'm going to live to be one hundred and twenty. So, when I'm eighty, I need to try out for something else, and ninety," she says.

In fact, McCoy's love for competition does not stop at trying out for show.  She says would like to compete for a title in the Guinness Book of World Records with her one-of-a-kind routine.

"I feel like I'm twenty, and I dance with the kids in the recitals, and like I say, I have more energy than they do, and I have the splits better than a lot of them do," laughs McCoy.

Without a doubt, this twirling sensation's passion for the sport is timeless.

NOTE: On June 7, 2011, McCoy did not move on to the next round of America's Got Talent.



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